The Question:

I would like to feed my 3 working dogs an all raw diet, but traveling and deployments present a problem. I don’t want to radically change their diet on deployment so I use a combination. Honest Kitchen makes dehydrated raw foods in powder form, just add water. I use a combo of Embark, (dehydrated raw), Nutro Ultra kibble and raw meat. When traveling, I substitute the raw meat with Pedigree canned in a foil pouch. I have Mals and they can be more sensitive to diet change than my GR, so this combo has served me well or them for that matter!!!

Our Response:

I include kibble while feeding raw to ease the transition.

I keep my feed frozen and thaw in one day portions. I clean up with a bleach based product and wash my hands thoroughly after handling. Is that what you were looking for? When traveling by air, I usually purchase kibble at the destination to lighten my luggage.

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