IST Veterinarian Specialist

Position Specific Description:

The IST Veterinarian Specialist has overall responsibility for the management and supervision of the medical care and evaluations of all Task Force Canines.  The IST Veterinarian Specialist reports directly to the IST Medical Advisor/Officer or their deputy.

Description of Duties:

The IST Veterinarian Specialist is responsible for:

  • Assisting in the development of all Task Force canine safety procedures in coordination with the other Task Force sections
  • Being available to assist in Task Force canine care activities
  • Determining the veterinary organizational and logistics needs
  • Receiving briefings and situation reports and ensuring that all medical personnel are kept informed of status changes
  • Providing situation reports and maintaining records and reports
  • Ensuring a continuum of veterinary care and coordinating interaction with all appropriate outside veterinary entities
  • Performing additional tasks or duties as assigned

Position Requirements and Criteria:

Individuals who meet the following requirements and criteria will be eligible to become IST Veterinarian Specialists in the DHS/FEMA National US&R Response System.

Required Training:

  1. Meet all Administrative and General Training requirements
  2. Be a licensed Veterinarian who has experience with canine medical care
  3. Complete all training as required by the DHS/FEMA National US&R Response System IST Training Matrix

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